Sample Projects

People make all kinds of great things at makerspaces like ours. Some of our members provided photos of things they have made. You can learn to use our tools to make things like this too. Join us! 

laser etch glass

Etched glass (laser cutter)

garment printer

Tote bad (garment printer)


Guitar (woodshop)

Woodshop projects

Cutting boards (woodshop)

Autonomous Robot Kit

Roaming robot (electronics)

Garage Door Open Sensor

Garage open sensor (electronics)

Sofa Desk

Sofa desk (woodshop)

3D bobbins

Bobbins (3D printing)

tool caddy

Tool caddy (laser cutter)

side table

Small end table with drawer (woodshop)


Costume (textiles)

wood pencil box

Wooden pencil box (laser cutter)


Figured dough roller (laser cutter)

Penny Thrower

Penny catapult (laser cutter)

thermos etched LTA

Etched thermos (laser cutter)

embroidery dragon

Embroidery dragon (CNC Baruden)


Tote bad (vinyl cutter)

drawing guide

Drawing guide (laser cutter)

notebook cover

Notebook covers (laser cutter)


Telescope (woodshop, laser cutter)

Cutting board with chocolates

Cutting board (woodshop)

metal folding

Folded metal bracelet (hand tools)

leather tool keeper

Leather tool storage (Consew walking foot)

costume trident

Costume trident (laser cutter, hand tools)


Apron (textiles)

cutting board

Laminated cutting board (woodshop)

Precision wood inlay

Wood inlay (laser cutter)

MN Tile

String Tile of our Logo (hand tools)

SF Giants coasters

Drink coasters (laser cutter)

Planter box

Planter box (woodshop)


Leather belt (laser cutter, textiles area)

Autonomous Robot

Experimenter's robot platform (Arduino)


Bookcase (woodshop)

giant leopard moth

Moth art work (laser cutter)

Chicken Coup

Chicken coup sign (laser cutter)

Halloween goblin

Halloween decoration - (laser cuter) acrylic and LED illuminated

etched leather bag

Leather bag (laser cutter, textile area)

Landon flower pot

Flower pot holder (laser cutter)

temperature humidity sensor

Internet connected water flood detector (laser cutter, electronics bench)

embroidery logo

Shirt logo (embroidery machine)

acrylic pencil case

Acrylic pencil case (laser cutter)

Logo Tile

Make from LEGO parts. (handtools)

pill reminder

Automatic pill dispenser (laser cutter, electronics bench)


Hard wood shelving (woodshop)

coat hanger

Personalized coat hanger (laser cutter)

purple laser cut handbag

Handbag with cut details (laser cutter, textile area)

turned wood bottle stopper

Turned wood bottle stopper (woodshop)

Pirate box

Local file sharing hub (laser cutter, electronics)

CA Keychain

Keychains (laser cutter)

Wood box assembly

Wood box for a project (laser cutter)

Dust Sensor


Landon Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper shakers (woodshop)

3D printing chassis

Project Chassis (FreeCAD, 3D printing)

Moth Pin

Moth lapel pin (laser cutter)

Shopping bag

Shopping bag (textile area, vinyl cutter)

custom sign

Custom sign (laser cutter)

mug hugger wrap

Custom wrap (3D printer)

garage door sensor

Ultra sonic garage door open sensor - alerts to smart phone (electronics)

parts being cut

Parts for a project (laser cutter)


Coin purse (textile area)


Sticker (vinyl cutter)

Halloween tombstone

Halloween decoration (3D printing, hand tools)

monarch locket square

Monarch locket (laser cutter)

Particle Photon breadboard

Home monitor base station (electronics bench)


Lamp grill (laser cutter)

Big Ben

Big Ben in wood (ShopBot)

fidget spinner accelerator

Fidget spinner motor (electronics bench)

case for electronics project

Case for electronics project (3D printer)

edgewood park paper model

Paper model of local park (laser cutter)

big edgewood park model

Large model of Edgewood park (ShopBot)

Jim Head

Profile head (ShopBot)

replacement part

Replacement part (3D modeling)

drawer pull computer mesh

Replacement drawer pull (3D modeling)

cribbage board with fish

Cribbage board (laser cuter)

emergence Oak wood inlay

Wood inlay (laser cutter)

audible magic sign

Sign for a business (laser cutter)

pestle in chinoise

Replacement pestle (wood lathe)

Bezel for Bass Boat

Replacement console (FreeCAD, laser cutter)

zeh house sign

House sign (ShopBot)