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Turnkey PhD Thesis

Often, firms specializing in writing term papers, theses, offer to write a candidate's dissertation on a turnkey basis, that is, the firm undertakes to do a comprehensive job by collecting the necessary documents to defend the dissertation on its own. But it is worth remembering that the paytowritepaper package of such services for each company is individual, so in any case you will have to clarify what is included in this concept with certain performers.

As a rule, the following components are included:

  • writing a general text of the work (about 8-12 thousand dollars);

  • writing a summary of the thesis (author's abstract) - in this case, the prices differ greatly: on some sites the cost is indicated from eight thousand dollars, on others they are obliged to perform such work for 2.5 thousand dollars, so it all depends on the company and its competence in this matter;

  • preparation of three articles for scientific publications, as well as their publication (on average, this will be about 4.2 thousand dollars).

In this scenario, writing a PhD dissertation will cost you from one hundred and sixty thousand dollars and more. As can be seen from the material presented a little earlier, not everyone can immediately have such a large amount of money on hand.

Sometimes firms go towards the customer and write the work in stages, therefore, each part in this case is paid separately. This helps to control not only costs, but also the work process itself, which is also convenient. When considering such an issue as buying an already finished dissertation, you need to know that, in fact, such material cannot be defended a second time, since the work simply will not pass the anti-plagiarism system and its original will be revealed.

You can try to remake it, but there is one more snag: the abstracts presented in the Ph.D. dissertation must be published earlier in the form of independent publications in scientific journals. Therefore, if you do not want to spend extra money, then do not buy already protected works, as this will not lead to anything good.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is quite difficult to write a master's thesis on your own, but it is quite possible. If you manage to properly allocate time, you can not only work hard, but also fully relax. In the event that such a development of events does not suit you, then weigh all the pros and cons, consider as many different options as possible, and only after that make an informed choice.

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