Mendez Family Matching Grant

The Mendez Family made us a most generous grant challenge. They provided a dollar-for-dollar match up to $15,000 to help us provide free personal protective equipment (PPE) for the health care community.

Maker Nexus is a non-profit in Sunnyvale, California. Under normal circumstances we are a makerspace. But the COVID crisis has created a critical shortage of PPE for hospital and heath clinic staff. Nurses and doctors are having to treat patients without using face shields; this puts them at risk of contracting the virus. When a heath care worker gets sick, they are not available to help patients. 

Maker Nexus is working to avoid a collapse in our health care system by providing PPE - free of charge - to our most critical health care resource. Help us keep them safe.


The face shields cost about $5 each to make and ship. They are reusable with just a brief cleaning. Health care workers love them.


While the need for face shield donations has ended, your donation to Maker Nexus helps us continue to bring the value of making to the community and to train the next generation of makers. No one knows what the next disaster will need from our makers.

You can read more about our efforts at Covid Shield Nexus