Maker Nexus Moves to 1330 Orleans Drive

1330 Orleans.jpg

On April 6, 2019 we moved into the 234 East Caribbean Drive location and we are thrilled to announce that Maker Nexus is growing and will be moving into a new larger facility this July!

Our current 7,000 sqft location is getting cramped. The woodshop is too small to execute larger projects. Our metal shop will be too limited in what machines we can operate. Additionally, the new lease will be for 5 years, providing stability for our operations. This will allow us to grow to become a bigger and much better resource for the community.

On August 1, 2021 we will be in a 20,000 sqft space in a standalone building, only 3 blocks from our current location in the Moffett Park neighborhood. We will have enough space to build out a proper machine shop, metal shop and welding bay, expand the woodshop and add storage, additional training rooms, studio/office space for members, and more. We are very excited about the possibilities this new space provides.

You might wonder about finances, and we are so pleased to announce that a very generous donor has agreed to underwrite a large portion of our lease payment for the next five years. Our new landlord is Google and they recognize the community value in our makerspace and want us to succeed and grow. This move allows us to increase membership and expand our education offerings - we will have more of our popular STEAM youth camps as well as workshops and skill building classes.

We hope that as COVID restrictions ease you will come by our current location to say hello, tour our makerspace, and possibly become a member of our diverse, creative, and energetic community. 

Why are we moving?
  • After only a short two years, we are outgrowing our space. To expand the tools we have available for members, we simply need more space.

Will the membership structure and costs be the same?
  • In general, yes.  Membership fees will not be increasing.  We want to lower barriers to being part of a makerspace, not raise them. At this time the real cost for membership is $180/month. The goal is to grow our membership to cover the difference between current membership fees and real cost.

How big is the new space?
  • We’ll be occupying about 20,000 square feet initially, with the option to expand by a further 9,500 square feet in the next few years, if needed.

What type of equipment will the new space have?
  • We’re bringing over everything currently at Maker Nexus, and significantly expanding the metal shop, adding a hot shop (planning for welding and plasma cutter), increasing the area dedicated to textiles and classrooms, and we will have significantly more room for camps, workshops and the like as we move forward.

How can we afford a new facility like this?
  • A generous anonymous donor is helping to offset the costs of the new space over the next 5 years.  This will allow us to grow and expand much more quickly than we would otherwise be able to, while remaining fiscally responsible.  This move will actually bring us much closer to break-even on a monthly basis as a result.

How can I help?
  • We will have ample opportunities for you to help out: prepping the space, packing and finally moving. Once we get more organized we will reach out to the community with tasks we need help with. Keep reading our Member Bulletins for more info.

  • If you have a specific skill or resource that you think will be helpful in planning or making the move, please contact Regina right away. (

What will be open first in the new space?
  • The easiest areas to set up will be open first - that means lasers, 3D printers, textiles, etc.  Woodshop, with the work needed to connect dust collection, attach anchors, setup cabinets, etc. will be up next, followed by metalshop.  Areas that are not currently open now (welding, sheet metal, etc.) will be open as soon as we’re able to get the equipment in place.

How much will this move cost?
  • We are reviewing what we need in order to get our occupancy permit, engineers, architect, contractors etc. - to complete a realistic budget for the actual cost of the buildout and move.

20,000 Square Feet seems pretty big!  Are we going to be able to fill it?
  • Short answer:  Yes.  But how we’re going to fill it is what we’re most excited about.  In addition to significantly expanding the woodshop, we will be adding more workbenches and workstations, a second table saw, and other major improvements to allow higher capacity. We will also be adding several entirely new areas to Maker Nexus, including a “hot shop” for welding, plasma cutting and other sheet metal work, a greatly expanded metalworking shop, storage lockers (and possibly storage areas) available for rent and a dedicated computer lab for classes and seminars.  We’ll also have space available for larger workshops, community events, and a host of other opportunities to build and expand the Maker Nexus community.  

Will we have more reservation slots with more workspaces available? 
  • Yes we will have more space, more equipment and more reservation slots! The current situation and arrangement of reservations slots were set up to navigate the restricted access requirement for a COVID-safe workspace. In a significantly  larger space we can spread out more and create more work areas, even in COVID times. 

Will there be more storage available?
  • Yes!  One of the consistent requests we’ve heard from members is for more storage space, so we’re planning to introduce several different types of storage, including material & project storage, as we’ll have space to do that now. There will be a monthly charge for dedicated storage.

How’s the internet?
  • We have a symmetric 50 mbps dedicated fiber connection with AT&T. 

How is parking and member access?
  • Fantastic parking and access! It includes a ChargePoint station for electric car owners that we’re hoping will be available (we’re still checking the details on how it works).

Will the makerspace be closed for any time?
  • Yes, we are closed now and will reopen on September 1.

Can I get a tour of the new place?
  • We will have tours available of the new location at various times leading up to our move.  We also have a video tour of the space posted, as well as floor plans of our proposed layout and alterations.

How can I donate to help fund the move?
  • Thank you for asking! As a 501(c)(3) we can accept tax deductible donations of cash or appreciated stock, just as always. Visit for details on how to donate.