Drone Delivery Challenge 2018


This last summer, we had an exciting time working with Amazon Lab126 to run a two-week hardware development program for the Bay Area's rising high school students. The purpose of this program is to encourage young makers, engineers and developers through various demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on experience. We hope to offer something similar in the Summer of 2019.

What was it about?

With the help of industry professionals, students worked in teams to understand the world of drones, and how they can be used as a package delivery system and an aid to the community. They also had the opportunity to design, work with, and develop hardware for the payload capturing system that allows drones to deliver a package from one point to another. Over the course of the two weeks, they completed this project start to finish, with regular check ins, evaluations and help from our team during the process. 

The course began on July 16th and ran through July 27th. We hosted the class at Alto International School in Menlo Park, CA 94025.

This is an intensive and exciting program aimed to push the boundaries and interests of up and coming students with an interest in engineering. This program was fully sponsored by Amazon Lab126, meaning that the students were not charged any fees for attending. While applications were open to all Bay Area students, aged 14-17, we could only select 20 students for the course. 

What about next Summer?

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