Course Catalog

This is a list of all the courses we offer today; more classes are added all the time. If you would like to register for a course, jump off to our Activity Hero registration site to see what is currently scheduled. Classes at Maker Nexus are open to the public, though members enjoy the perk of tuition discounts.

If you would like to take a course below that is not on the current schedule, send an email to and we will set up a session. (If you are a member, ask on Slack.)


BOSS Classes

These classes provide our Basic Operation and Safety Standard training on the equipment in our community workshop. You will learn to use the equipment safely. These classes do not require any prior knowledge or experience. You can take them in any order you would like. Upon successful completion of a class you will have permission to use the equipment on your own. Of course, you can always ask our staff for help.


Woodshop I - table saw, jointer, planer, miter saw

Learn basic woodworking techniques and gain familiarity with Jointer, Planer, Table Saw, and Sliding Compound Miter Saw. Emphasis on fundamental techniques to take rough lumber to square and straight for use in other projects. 


Woodshop II - band saw, drill press, power sanders

Learn basic woodworking techniques and gain familiarity with Band Saw, Jig Saw, Drill Press, Spindle Sander, Belt & Disc Sander and Scroll Saw. 


Woodshop III - routers and router table

We'll learn basic woodworking techniques and gain familiarity with Router Table & Handheld Routers. Emphasis on fundamental techniques to safely use Routers and achieve high-quality results across a number of applications.

Woodshop IV_edited.jpg

Woodshop IV - intro to wood lathe

Woodturning is one of the oldest known woodworking skills used to build table and chair legs, knitting needles, pens, bowls, and more. 

Woodshop V.png

Woodshop V - CNC router (ShopBot)

Learn how to safely operate the ShopBot CNC Router. This class goes from developing a cut file in Vectric V-Carve, to exporting a cut file, properly mounting material, to completing a cut on the ShopBot.  This class serves as an excellent foundation for learning CNC Routing.  

drum sander.png

Drum Sander

This class covers the safe operation of the Performax Drum Sander including abrasive loading, cleaning & maintenance, pass depths, and troubleshooting problems.


BossLaser LS2440 100 watt - cutting and etching

Learn to use the Boss Laser LS2440, 100W, a water-cooled CO2 laser cutter. We cover: Basic laser safety, best practices, filter, chiller, compressor, and how these work with the laser. Cutting techniques such as vector cuts and raster engraving. Using LightBurn software.

rotary cutter.png

BossLaser Rotary Attachment

The rotary device of the laser allows you to etch on round objects like cups, glasses, bottles (glass, ceramics, anodized aluminum or coated steel), baseball bats, and more. You will learn how to safely install the rotary attachment into the BOSS laser, how to operate the device, and how to prepare your file to send to the laser. At the end of class, you will engrave a pint glass to take home.

helix laser.png

Epilog Helix 45 watt - cutting and etching

We'll be using the Epilog Helix 45W, an air-cooled CO2 laser cutter. We cover: Basic laser safety, best practices, filter, chiller, compressor, and how these work with the laser. Cutting techniques such as vector cuts and raster engraving. Using CorelDraw software.


Prusa 3D printer

You will learn to safely operate the 3D printer and the slicing software that prepares your .STL file for the printer. We will explore many of the slicing options and discuss the pros and cons of different materials.

Baruden CNC.png

Barudan - CNC embroidery 

Learn best practices to be successful with the CNC 15 needle Barudan Pro Embroidery machine. We'll go over changing thread, threading needles, operating the interface, and more.

Vinyl Cutter Heat Press.png

Vinyl Cutter and Heat Press

Use these tools to create stickers, patches, signs. Use them to customize textiles. Learn best practices in utilizing pressing time, temperature, and pressure variables for excellent results. You'll take home a custom designed textile.


Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Learn safety and best practices when operating the Consew Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine. Sew through many layers of leather with this super sewing machine.



Learn to setup and use the serger to create a neat captive edge of your material. Give your sewing projects a professional touch.

Project Classes

These classes have a specific thing that you build. Small, large, difficult, easy - each class teaches the skills and walks you through the process. At the end you will have something to take home, and you will know enough to try it again on your own.

fold forming1.jpg

Metal Fold Forming Workshop - Make a Bracelet

Fold forming is a fantastic technique for turning sheet metal into dramatically textured forms.In this Basic Fold Forming Class, you will learn the three-dimensional forming techniques.  Students will learn the techniques for folding, forging, shaping, texturing and annealing metal to create a unique cuff bracelet from copper sheet metal.

picture puzzle.png

Jigsaw Puzzle Making

Puzzle the people you love the most by making a personalized laser cut grid or abstract jigsaw. Bring your picture of choice printed on photo paper. We're able to work with differently sized photos. This photo will be glued and laser cut, so it should be a copy and not your only one.

make a totbag.png

Tote Bag Workshop

A fun, creative and hands-on sewing class and workshop. You will learn to work with patterns, layout, sewing machine basics, tools & techniques and apply all these acquired skills to create your own tote bag.

making custom pajamas.png

Beginner Sewing: Make Custom Pajama Bottoms

In this class you will apply your beginner sewing skills and machine knowledge to create a pair of pajama bottoms from scratch. We provide the fabric and all materials. 

harriet tubman.png

Harriet Tubman Stamp Making Workshop

Make a Harriet Tubman rubber stamp. We'll help you laser etch the rubber stamp and assemble it on the stamp handle. You will take home the stamp and an archival inkpad, so you are ready to go and be creative on paper, envelopes, postcards and more. 

leather purse.png

Intro to Leather - Make a Small Purse

Create a small leather project and learn on the Consew Industrial walking foot sewing machine. We will cover basic sewing of leather, snaps, zippers, and rivets. You will get an introduction to the tools available at MN in the leather area.


Laser - Emboss a Rolling Pin

Make a personalized, patterned, funky embossed rolling pin. This tool can create interesting and exiting textures on cookie dough or clay. You will create the design/pattern in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator.  You may bring artwork on a USB stick, or use ours.

notebook cover.png

Laser - Refillable Note Book Cover

Create stunning and durable notebook covers and personalize the cover with your favorite quote or image. Etching and cutting designs into plywood or acrylic. Choose between a lasered living hinge or a metal spiral. This project makes a perfect gift.

leather bag purse.png

Leather - Bag/Purse Design and Creation

In this 5 session leather workshop create your own custom bag or tote. You will learn the Consew Industrial Walking Foot Sewing machine, plan the project  - construction sequence, materials, techniques, construction, finishing. 

cat ring.png

Make a Silver Kitty Ring - silver soldering

Sample several soldering techniques in this 2-hour workshop. Make a soldered connection using simple, professional techniques with a butane torch. Learn soldering tools, materials, fueling and lighting your torch, and more as students solder a sterling silver ring.

make a side table.png

Woodshop - Make a Side Table

Make a side table and learn how to use the Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery System.  Participants in this workshop will select wood, mill it to size, shape, join and finish the side table over 4 sessions of work.  

cutting board.png

Woodshop - Inlay Cutting Boards

Students will learn to make a laminated cutting board out of wood strips of various wood species. These cutting boards are easy and fun to make with an opportunity to really get creative with different colors of wood and pattern arrangements. 

arm knitting decorative pillows.png

Arm Knitting Decorative Pillows

Learn to knit your own decorative pillow on the fly using your arms and a little creativity! Materials will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own yarn if you prefer.


Skill Classes

All of our classes help you grow your skills, but these classes are specifically designed to increase your skill in a certain area. There isn't necessarily something to take home except the knowledge that you can now do something better.

Lathe tools.png

Sharpening for Lathe Tools

Basic training in sharpening techniques for various woodturning tools, including Gouges and Skews. We cover more advanced tool edge geometries for bowl turning.  The class uses the Wolverine Grinding Jig, but also uses hand sharpening techniques and demonstrates some uses of the Tormek slow speed wet grinder.

Particle Argon.png

Intro to IoT Workshop

You will set up and learn the basics of using the processor. This is an Arduino compatible micro processor with a powerful cloud based service available for free. You will take home an Argon processor to continue your learning at home.

sewing machine basics.png

Adv. Beginner Sewing: Let's Pillow

In this class you will apply your beginner sewing skills and machine knowledge and create a variety of pillow shams, throw pillow and pillow case . We provide the fabric and all materials. 

wearable led.png

Beginner IoT Wearable LED Costuming with M5Stack

​Transform your clothes into a high-tech outfit; no experience required. Program Neopixel strips and integrating sensors to add a level of interaction. This workshop is a perfect introduction for fashion designers, aspiring product designers, crafting lovers, and students of all ages and abilities.

making custom pajamas.png

Beginner Sewing & Machine Basics - Make an Apron

A fun, creative and hands-on sewing camp. You learn to work with patterns, layout, sewing machine basics, tools & techniques and apply all acquired skills to create an custom apron to take home.


CAD Design - Autodesk Fusion 360 - Make a Toolbox

In 4 weekly 2hr classes you'll learn Autodesk Fusion 360, free for students, makers and small companies. We'll cover modeling basics, best practices and design and fabricating a small project each class. At the end of the series you will have designed and made a toolbox from plywood to take home.


Day camps, week long camps, after school programs. All aimed at keeping your child engaging in hands-on making activities with a STEM focus.


This workshop will take a student through the process of making and tuning a Pinewood Derby car, from shaping the car body to polishing the axles, mounting wheels and positioning weights.

Pinewood Derby Car Build

afterschool open maker space.png

Come join our morning and afternoon sessions. Learn to use a laser cutter, 3d printers, sewing machines, vinyl cutter & heat press and work on your own projects. We have projects and ideas to fit your interest and get you inspired. Personalized T-shirt, laser a notebook cover with your favorite character, learn to solder and more. 

After School Open Maker Club


Students will design their own marble run and fabricate it using tools in our makerspace. Woodshop, hand tools, finishing. Each student takes home what they make.

Design and Fabricate a Marble Run

air rocket.png

Spend a day at Maker Nexus and learn about rocket science. Build and launch various Air Rockets and have fun!

Air Rocket Madness

interactive paper.png

Make interactive art while learning to build circuits without soldering or wires. Bringing a drawing to life by illuminating it with paper circuit LEDs and conductive tape is a creative and accessible way to build a foundation in electronics, circuits, and logic. Basic electronics theory will be introduced with each new project.

Interactive Paper Circuits