Welders in the Community Program

Sponsored by Stanley Black & Decker's Empower Makers Global Impact Grant

Maker Nexus, in partnership with Stanley Black and Decker, is offering a free 30+ hour welding training program to eligible high schoolers and adults. Our Welders in the Community program will provide the opportunity to develop hands-on experiences in Stick, MIG, and TIG welding through direct in-person training, professional instruction, and access to welding equipment and work space  The purpose of this program is to provide adequate exposure to welding and access to equipment needed for participants to determine if a college-level certificate program or apprenticeship is a desirable next career move. Our program will provide information and career connections to those graduates that decide to pursue a career in welding or related vocation. Participants will gain valuable exposure  enabling them to take the next step in pursuing a welding or related career. 


An application process will be used to determine eligibility for and selection into the program. Eligibility is based on many factors including year in high school, socioeconomic status, and ability to commit to the full program.

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Program Description and Application

There will be two separate welding program sessions over the summer for our youth participants, each including 30+ hours of instruction time and around 15-20 hours of out-of-class time to complete project assignments. Participants will be given a 3-month free Maker Nexus membership that provides access to welders and work space, as well as all other makerspace equipment. Each 6-hour class will be instructional with hands-on welding and metal working and will consist of 8 students of similar age, led by a lead instructor and an education assistant. Welding safety and the techniques for Stick, MIG, and TIG welding will be covered, as well as cutting and working with different metals. Graduates will be offered a class on career paths in welding and be provide support in connecting with a welding certificate program and/or local apprenticeship.

Schedule Options:

There are two summer schedules to choose from and participants will be assigned to one or the other based on their availability and class capacity. All classes are six hours from 10am to 4:30pm with a 30-minute lunch.

    Schedule 1: Every other Tuesday and Thursday, June 21 - July 21

        Specific Dates: June 21, 23, July 5, 7, 19, 21

     Schedule 2: Every other Saturday, June 11 - Aug 20

        Specific Dates: June 11, 25, July 9, 23, August 6, 20

Application Process: Deadline to Apply is May 31 by midnight. 

Applicants are required to complete an online application form and provide either a short paragraph or a less than 2 minute video on why they are interested in participating in the welding program. Because the grant is specifically for underserved community members there are questions in the application on household income that are necessary to determine eligibility. Applicants are expected to provide truthful answers to the best of their knowledge. All information provided in the application will be kept confidential and any data shared with our funders will not have any identifying information. Any information provided in the application may be verified to determine accuracy. 

Once the application is submitted, Maker Nexus will review applicants for eligibility and make offers in the first week of June for program participation.

Application Steps:
  1. Review the dates for the classes to ensure you can make all class

  2. Prepare your short paragraph or less than 2 minute video on why you want to participate

  3. ​Fill out the online Welding Application

  4. Copy/paste your participation paragraph or upload your video on the last page of the application

  5. Wait to hear from us by the first week of June.

Please direct all questions to welding@makernexus.org